ux/ui design at whirlpool usa
SUMMER 2017-present


At Whirlpool, I create UI compositions to contribute to the different apps provided by Whirlpool's brands, as well as UX/UI assets within the company. In addition, I am responsible for the animations, UX, and UI present in upcoming projects from the Internet of Things team.

My current projects include leading the UX/UI design for our upcoming Apple Watch App, and redesigning the entire Whirlpool and Maytag phone apps.


Since my work at Whirlpool focuses on future projects, I cannot show my work until the product is released. My current projects (the Whirlpool/Maytag phone apps and Whirlpool iPhone app) are expected to release in late 2019. Until then, I can only showcase previews of the apps that have been showcased at different conferences; the previews may not reflect the final app direction.



In a large company, many departments require design assets to streamline their own processes - this is especially true for inter-departmental communication. My design skills have been used specifically to create tools for situations involving the clear and precise transfer of ideas and goals between large groups of people. An example of this in action is the creation of a Plan-to-Sell Generator, which was created to be used by the marketing and refrigeration teams.